Thriving Together: 2020 Impact Report

Burt's Bees Impact in 2020 and our 2025 Impact Vision

Our 2020 Impact Report is both a reflection on our past achievements and a look forward to a cleaner and more resilient future.

So many of the big goals we’ve set over the years—like the ones we’ve set for 2025—are now simply part of how we work. We’ve achieved a 99.6% Natural Origin average across our formulas. We use an average of 50% recycled materials across our packaging. We have Landfill-Free Operations and are CarbonNeutral® Certified.

It’s progress, made one step at a time. Now, we’re zeroing in on what’s next.

Goals that we have achieved such as sourcing ingredients responsibly and using recyclable packaging


2020 Impact

Just a few of our proudest accomplishments from 2012 to 2020, by the numbers.

In 2020, $4.1million grants from the Burt's Bees foundation have been donated & $1.5million to frontline workers & vulnerable populations during Covid19

Over 20,000 Livelihoods have been impacted by our responsible sourcing initiatives & 45% of oils and waxes can be traced directly to their origin.

Burt's Bees have planted 15 billion wildflower seeds throughout 2020



Our 2025 Goals

Burt's Bees' 2025 goals include reducing waste and energy used, and working towards a circular economy

Another 2025 goal is to help communities to become more resilient & to continue to improve sourcing practices.

There’s so much more we want to share with you. You’ll find details about our far-reaching response to COVID-19, support for racial equity and social justice, partnerships across our global community and more in this year’s Impact Report. We hope it makes you feel good for choosing Burt’s Bees products, because it makes us feel good to make products that help build a better world along the way.



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