Find out which flowers are good for bees!


Flowers such as Chamomile, Corn Cockle , Cornflower, Corn Marigold and Poppy are perfect pollinators, and by planting them you can help save the bees. Chamomile is a good example of simple native flower. Single row petal, in fact very like a strawberry flower, with pale outer petals and bright attractive centre head of yellow of florets, each containing a tiny amount of nectar for the honey bee or insect.

Bees need these type of flowers as a source of protein and carbohydrates; as they need the protein to grow properly. Green fields are “green deserts” for them, and honey bees and all insects need a variety of different foods. Suburban and urban areas can have more variety and give more honey than rural areas.

To help pollinate correctly, these seeds need to be sowed outdoors, March-May and August-October in 0.5cm (¼”) of deep, finely-prepared, well-drained soil, which has already been watered. Late summer and autumn sowings will flower the following year, often earlier than spring sowings.

Even a 30cm2 or a patio Plantpot is enough to create a thriving bee-friendly environment!


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