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A cup of milk


What is it?

Contrary to its name, buttermilk doesn’t actually contain butter. Instead, buttermilk gets its name from the process in which it’s made - originally the milk that was “left over” after butter was made. It has been slightly fermented and has a much thicker consistency than regular milk, with a slightly tangy flavour.

Buttermilk is a dairy product that’s most often used in baking but is also used to stimulate digestive function, improve blood pressure, bone and oral health. It’s packed full of Vitamin D and contains lactic acid which soothes and softens the skin.

Why do we use it in our products?

- Lactic acid wipes away dirt, makeup and pollutants from the skin, acting as a deep cleanser

- It can improve the texture of skin, making the tone more even

- It gently exfoliates

- It has moisturising properties that deeply nourish skin

What product do we best recommend to see the benefits?

Our Baby Original Lotion absorbs quickly and gently nourishes to ensure your little one’s skin is soft and supple.