Finding resilience in nature.

Our Community

Hi friends,

Our hearts go out to you as we all face this unprecedented time of uncertainty. We’re doing everything we can to be here for you, our community and for each other.

To protect ourselves and others, much of our team has been working remotely since last week. As many of us socially distance, we’re reminded of the powerful self-care resource we have in nature. Being in nature improves our mood, immunity, sleep and creativity. It shows us what resilience looks like and boosts our own resilience. Find ways to safely bring nature into your life! If you can’t get outside while maintaining a safe social distance, try nature sounds, find a window view, tend to a houseplant or look at landscape art—just fixing your eyes on nature can reduce fear and stress and help you feel calm.

Like you, we’re trying to make sense of all this while staying centred. Our everyday routines can certainly help us feel grounded now. Beauty and skin care products don’t save lives—but they can help us begin and end each day with intention and care. Now is the time to dig into the practices that nourish our bodies and uplift our spirits. 

We want to continue being here for you. To remain optimistic during heavy times, to stay focused on the simple things that sustain us, and to connect with nature and each other in the ways we can. We’ll be reflecting on how we can have the greatest impact now and on our collective future.

Wishing you resilience,

The Burt's Bees Team