About Us
Burt lived a full life, the way he wanted to live it, and his 80 years on this Earth were an uncommon blessing to us all.
We remember him as a wild-bearded and free-spirited Maine man, a beekeeper, a wisecracker, a lover of golden
retrievers, a reverent observer of nature, and the kind face that smiles back at us from our Hand Salve.
Above all, Burt was always Burt – an uncompromising individual of his own invention – shaped by the moment and his
curiosities rather than his ambitions or someone else’s grand plan. Burt never set out to change the world, but he was
a pioneer who found himself always on the precipice of progress
“Nature doesn’t wait for you to see what she’s doing. There’s a seasonality to everything. Living on the land, and having
the opportunity to see the seasons, is part of the joy of life, as far as I’m concerned.” A beautiful sentiment, expressed
by a man who didn’t own an alarm clock, but preferred to be roused by the morning sun shining through the window.
Long before there was ever a Burt’s Bees, there was just Burt and his bees, and the honey he sold from the back of his
truck. Until the end of his life, he preferred to manage his hives bare-handed, connecting directly to the simple,
hardworking little insects who would help build a remarkable legacy.
Burt had a soft spot for animals—but none the way he did his beloved golden retrievers. He was never far from his
happy-go-lucky dogs, who went everywhere with him. The only place they wouldn’t fit? The back of his classic 1960
BMW r60 motorcycle.