Go Wild
Go Wild

What can you do? Go Wild!

Adopt a Beehive

Adopt a beehive through the British Beekeepers Association. The money raised from your donation will fund research in to honey bee health and education programmes for beekeepers.

Click here for more information and to purchase one today!


Plant a Flower and Support the BBKA

Visit our Facebook page and mark your spot on the UK map by planting a flower on the Wild for Bees App. For each flower planted, Burt's Bees will be donating £1 to the British Beekeepers Association and you'll be helping raise awareness around Honeybee Health.


Create more Wild for Bees

Make your own bee space or an area that you leave Wild for Bees. Even a 30cm2 is enough to create a thriving bee friendly habitat—so make use of a window box or patio plantpot if you don't have a back garden. You could either leave that space to become completely wild (for example, nettles are great for bees as the flowers provide nectar as the rest of the garden is waking up) or use the BBKA planting guide so that there is always something growing which will feed the bees. Never use any pesticides in your garden as these may play a role in bee declines.

And just imagine. If each of us shares a piece of our lawn, and we add up all those little squares, we'd pretty much have our own nationwide bee sanctuary! But it has to start somewhere—why not in your back garden? Create more wild for bees with a free wildflower seed pack, in all www.burtsbees.co.uk orders this summer!

Click here to view the BBKA Planting Guide.

Support with Your Spoon

Buy local and organic foods. Because bees need clean, healthy food and so do we. If we all buy more organic foods, farmers can grow more and offer better prices. Supply and demand really works.

Be sweet to your local honey makers. Beekeepers do just that—help keep bees around. Just go to your local farmers' market and you'll find them. Plus, is anything more delicious than fresh, pure local honey?

How to Hang with Bees

And thank them while you're at it. Really, being around bees should be lovely—the buzz in the air, the flowers! So when you invite bees into your garden, here are a few ways to respect their boundaries. Download and share this No Fear of Stings Brochure