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We've always played by nature's rules. And we've written a few of our own, too.

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Burt — a pioneer of the good life

Along with his partner Roxanne, Burt didn’t just pioneer a natural skincare company, he pioneered a way of life — the good life.

He realised something: if you go your own way and make more time for what makes you happy, you’ll live a richer life.

So, he did just that, leaving his high-flying Manhattan job to live at one with nature. In the wilderness of Maine, he got friendly with some bees. Together, they turned beeswax into lip balms, hand creams and more.

Burt has shown us that if you love something, don’t be scared to jump in. Even if it can sting you! Because doing more of what makes you happy is what life is all about.

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do more of what makes you happy

Burt wasn’t just a guy who loved bees. Burt is a way of life, one of doing more of what makes you happy.

Make something. Grow something. Work on your next big thing. Rework your last thing. Go somewhere. Or go nowhere, let the sun warm your face & take a nap.

We know Burt would approve. Live your good life #BeMoreBurt.

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consciously made since 1984

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    pharma farm

    When Burt & Roxanne started crafting with beeswax, their mission was clear: to make accessible skin care products, using only the best natural ingredients that are good for your skin. Today, that commitment hasn't changed.

    We're obsessed about the good stuff and how we source it. Our focus is to create formulated pollinated products, using natural ingredients from local communities from all over the world.

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    formulated pollinated

    Beeswax has been our #1 friend since day one and is the core ingredient in our products.

    It's the wonderful wax that bees use to build their honeycombs. It also serves as a natural protective and breathable layer on your skin, keeping moisture in and your skin hydrated.

    Our beeswax is 100% natural origin and responsibly sourced from our beekeeper friends in Tanzania and Vietnam.

    See how we source our ingredients.

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    saying doing

    As Roxanne said, "we take from nature, so we must respect and preserve it". We're still guided by this belief to help us fit into today's world. Burt and Roxanne's lives taught us to always give back and do better to protect the world and our future generations.

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