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It’s your typical BEEKEEPER meets ARTIST STORY

It began in Maine about 30 years ago. Burt the Beekeeper was happily selling honey from the back of his truck. But fate had other ideas for the bearded hero when he met Roxanne Quimby. Burt and Roxanne hit it off and before long she was making candles with unused wax from Burt’s beehives.

From those original candles, to the iconic Beeswax Lip Balm, to over 180 products — Burt’s Bees has been guided by a single principle: Nature has the best answers.

At Burt’s Bees when they say ‘natural’ they mean natural. On average, Burt’s Bees products are 99% natural with over half of the products 100% natural. Burt’s Bees believes you’re at your most beautiful when what you put on your body is from Nature — after all, what goes on to your body goes in to your body.

Burt’s Bees formulations support your skin with the nutrients it needs – and none of the chemicals it doesn’t. Burt’s Bees products help you put your best foot, lips, skin, hair and sense of well-being forward. Every day. Available in: Lip Care and Lip Colour, Facial Skincare, Hand and Body Care, Baby Bee and many more!

Over the years Burt’s Bees brand has become one of the world’s leading natural personal care brands. Burt couldn’t be more proud.

No petrochemicals, phthalates, parabens or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). Not tested on animals.

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Global Natural Cosmetics Guidelines

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We’re proud to sponsor the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) Adopt a Beehive scheme. This charitable project raises awareness of the importance of honey bees and good beekeeping husbandry, while raising funds to support vital research and education projects to help save the honeybee.

Honey bees need much the same things as humans to thrive –  a good, varied diet, a safe home and freedom from disease.  The Adopt a Beehive scheme works on all these fronts, which are under threat in the UK and across the world.

You can Adopt a Beehive from one of ten regions in the UK, and over the year learn all about life in your hive and the craft of beekeeping as the seasons change. The BBKA calls it  “armchair beekeeping!”

Adopt a Beehive makes a lovely gift as you are sent a box of goodies which includes a jar of pure British honey, some wildflower seeds and a Pocket Guide to the Honey Bee.

More than that though, it is a very practical scheme to support. The BBKA’s Adopt a Beehive makes a difference to the work going on behind the scenes to help honey bees thrive by working closely with the people who know the bees best, the beekeepers.

For example Adopt a Beehive has helped fund the painstaking work of Ron Hoskins and his team in Swindon, where they are breeding  honey bees which are more resistant to the varroa mite. The varroa mite is an insect which arrived in this country in the 1990’s and has had a devastating effect on colonies across the UK.

We support the BBKA’s Adopt a Beehive scheme through long term sponsorship, and also by working with some of the  beekeepers in the scheme. Barnaby is one of the beekeepers in London whose bees you can Adopt. Our staff have volunteered out at his apiary and so far have helped to shift earth, move trees, plant flowers, paint beehives and dig ponds!

You can read more about the scheme or take part by going to the BBKA website. 

Help #BringBackTheBees >

Honeycomb with bees and strawberry lip balm